addressME is an app and a digital addressing system that aims to make city navigation easier by allowing users to name their own address, or an >address. By naming your own >address, it will be easier to share with others, especially in cities with complex or lacking addressing systems. And since it’s digital, it can be reached with GPS and without getting lost or asking for directions.

By saving your locations on the addressME app, you can quickly plan your route and check traffic before getting stuck in it! Making addressME you new GPS address book that solves all your addressing problems.

By creating an >address on addressME, you are not just creating a digital address for yourself, but you are also taking part in an initiative to accurately map your own city! By providing the correct map location and street details when you create an >address, that information (NOT including any personal information) is used to create an accurate, digital map of your city. Your input will be part of a database of accurate address/location information that will help make other services in your city faster and more efficient!

  • Easier to share than your standard address
  • Reachable with GPS
  • Your >address stays with you; if you move, just edit the location of your >address
  • Your >address is easily identified by the ‘to’ sign (>) that comes before every >address
  • We do not ask for your real name, so your name will never show linked to any >address or anywhere on the app
  • The name you choose for your >address is up to you
  • Only those you share your >address with directly will know it is yours
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Share your >address

Live in a place with a bad addressing system? Create an >address so your friends can easily reach you using GPS


Check traffic and plan your route

Save your locations to quickly check traffic before leaving home


Request an Uber

Request an Uber through addressME and reach there on time with the cheapest fare possible

Creating an >address is easy

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